first day of PRESCHOOL!!

Life Into Likeness

Today is a big day, y’all.

This little peanut?  She is officially a PRESCHOOLER!!


To Julianne’s China-mama, should you ever wonder… this baby girl is doing so well.  During these big “firsts” for her,  I always feel a twinge of loss layered softly beneath the joy because there is emotion on the other side of the world that I cannot begin to comprehend.  I don’t presume to understand all of the complexities behind the decision to allow this ray of sunshine to be raised in an orphanage for the first few years of her life, but I know it was complex; these choices are rarely cut and dried.  I know a little more about China now than I did before, and I know to care for her was expensive, and perhaps even out of reach financially.

Please know that today, that this FIRST, has been a good day for her…

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