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chasing Someday


29°43’47.2”N 98°07’12.2”W
T Bar M Sports Camp

I’m home! From a three-month stay and a writer hiatus, both sides of my brain bursting at the seams. It’s where there’s a Layne-sized chalkboard and way-sweet tea and Life runs on kid wonder at camp speed. It’s where the anyones are welcomed, noticed, known, empowered, invited to taste of eternity. It’s where Glory turns a football field into holy ground, where His brightness and brilliance collide with plain ordinary. And it’s where He unplugs me–though I wished to write out, type out and relay all the wild ways He defined my season. But instead, I got to contain them, keep them mine all mine until He said it was time. (Time!)

This season was about expecting | Expecting all day play days and the forever kind of friendships, expecting He’d edit and polish me here, expecting He’d supply when I ran right out. Expecting what I loved of my past summers here, though…

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