isaiah 61

chasing Someday

Stuck on repeat, my God’s been singing Isaiah 61 over the year I’ve stepped into. He swears by it: this is the year to see, to savor, to proclaim My favor. I’m taking notes. I’m paying attention! And oh, how He has already come through. He makes and keeps His every promise–I just get to write them all out and rave about Him. He’s the King who can and will save–He swears by it! He says this: He’s anointed me, set me apart. His Spirit is thick and alive deep down in me. And here’s what I’ll pledge to: I’ll tell the good news to those who aren’t hearing it, I’ll patch up and piece together the broken-hearted. I”ll swing wide the cage door and set free the captives. I’ll proclaim freedom! They won’t dare forget it! I’ll break chains and leave them to rust undone. I’ll release and restore and fix and set…

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