chasing Someday

a letter to the changeless One,
as I stare 2016 change in the face


Abba: Still, You are infinite. Still, You are timeless and changeless. Still, You assemble the stars and escort the tides. Still, You master time and hold all that exists in Your hand. Still, You keep planets spinning; still, You man galaxies; still, You are always and everywhere and everything. You are Light. You are brilliance and glory and all the good stuff. You captivate. You pierce darkness and perplex the perishing. You let us look at You, our eyes can’t stay away. You are different than all we see or know or have words for.

Still, You are Love. Still, You are a Father, a Friend and a Lover. You will romance me, like always. You’ll wrestle for and chase hard after this little heart of mine You made. You won’t stop until you win its whole attention. You’ll tune it up to Your heartbeat…

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