the Good Shepherd

chasing Someday


the Lord is my Shepherd
and there is nothing I lack.
He lays me down in green pastures.
He takes me to quiet waters
where He refreshes my soul.
| psalm 23:1-2 |

I’m trailing behind the Good Shepherd. I lack nothing. He knows His sheep, in and out, backwards, forwards. He knows me down-deep, and I know Him. He calls me by the very name He gave me, says you belong to Me over and over until I believe it. He leads me to pastures of plenty and still waters. He will never abandon me, forget me or move too fast for my tiny feet. He doesn’t let anyone fall behind or go unnoticed. He waits for the slow-movers and treks at the stragglers’ pace. When just one of His 99 slips away, He notices. The Good Shepherd won’t continue on until His flock’s complete.

He tells the ninety-nine to move forward, to keep on, to…

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