someday hallelujahs

chasing Someday

| because the wartime action-packed book of Judges holds some sweet stuff too |


Sisera spent 20 years as tyrannical king in cruel opposition towards God’s own. Israel hung heads low in defeat, wasted time bickering and battling, unable to come to a united front. Finally, it hit them. Longing for help and someday hallelujahs, all of Israel cried to to their God. So the Lord named Deborah.

He named her Peacemaker, and Teacher. Sat her down shaded beneath palms and honey, to speak wisdom and offer insight that’s divine. To serve as direct line between God and His people Israel, to bury petty disputes, stir up stagnancy and remind of the real war at hand. He named her Fighter, and Chieftess. She stood up, that Israel might man up, bow up, armor up. To summon them to the Lord’s war. He named her Mother, and Shepherd. The tribes sat still and shaky…

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